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Five Tips and Tricks for Instagram Success

Five Tips and Tricks for Instagram Success

Are you finding it difficult to perfectly optimize your businesses strategies? The chances are that you’re not keeping up with the latest and the greatest of current Instagram trends. If you’re not currently utilising Instagram and integrating it in to your business strategies then you are leaving your competition with a serious advantage over you. Due to its unique take on social media, Instagram has fast climbed the ladder and now stands at the top in terms of social media marketing.

Just by looking at their vast userbase of seven hundred million monthly active users, you can see the sheer scale of this oft overlooked platform. It also comes as a surprise to many that Instagram’s engagement stats out shadow those of even Facebook and Twitter.

The great thing about Instagram is that by simply creating high quality, eye-catching posts you can encourage the app’s users to share and follow. This, to an internet marketer, seems like the very epitome of idealism and should be used by anyone wishing to make money in the dog-eat-dog world of making an income online.

That being said, establishing a firm authority on Instagram is never going to be an easy task. In fact, there’s an abundance of empty, neglected and forgotten accounts that have been abandoned when the owners gave up on their journey. The term “Never give up” is used so often in the marketing world, it’s a term I have stuck to from day one and a term that I wouldn’t be where I am today without. In short, it’s imperative that you remember this and always abide by those three words, as after all, they are the most important words in creating our success.

It’s understandable you may be looking for a few pointers when starting out (we all do). Below, I have provided five tips to paving the way for Instagram success:

1: Nothing but amazing content – The last thing you want to do is bore your audience. This will result in a high loss rate to your followers, and rightly so. Instead, create vibrant, engaging and informative posts the lures your audience in and keeps them interested.

2: The caption Is important – Never forget this. Once the photo has done its job to catch the eye of a viewer, the caption is there to do the rest. Be sure to be as descriptive as you can and paint a new picture with words when captioning your posts.

3: Buy some followers – Not only is this possible, it is also widely done and recommended by the highest of ranking Instagram users. Buying Instagram followers not only increases your credibility by giving your page an impression of popularity, it also goes to help with your rankings and gain organic traffic.

4: Find a niche, and stick to it – Once you know what your profile is going to be centred around, it’s important to stick to this niche. People will follow you to see more posts pertaining to the same topic. I mean, would you follow a sports niche to see movie posts?

5: Never give up – I said this earlier in this article, but I must stress it again. At first, it may seem your profile is going nowhere, but you need to stick it out, tweak and test and eventually you will make it.